aluminum for computer
Electronic Aluminum

Aluminum has 

a low density, good electrical conductivity and processability, and is therefore widely used in the electronics industry.

Applications and Demands

aluminum sheet for electronic products
Application Advantages
Aluminum alloy has a good electrical conductivity and processing properties and is a perfect thermal conductive material. It is suitable for a variety of electronic products.
Product Demands

Product Alloy: 1070, 1100A, 3003 and so on.

Product Feature: high strength, good processing performance, good heat dissipation.

Our Advantages

  • zhongxin aluminum

    International advanced Siemens equipment
    In terms of electrical, the company introduced the advanced Siemens 400 to achieve full automation. On the mechanical side, we use a hydraulic control system to ensure a good shape..
  • aluminum sheet for phone

    High precision slitting machine
    On the mechanical side, the company uses hard-toothed gear drives to improve accuracy and stability.
  • produce aluminum coil

    40 tons nitrogen annealing furnace
    Furnace equipment guarantees stable temperature and improves surface quality. At the same time, in oxidation and other subsequent processes, the furnace equipment can guarantee a considerable color and avoid chromatic aberration.

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